Pastor Louis Lugo was a host on
TBN’s inspirational "Praise the Lord" program. Pastor Lugo is the subject of a fascinating biography entitled"CrossRoads,  The Louis Lugo Story"  The book was authored by R.S. Hunter and was published by Amethist Moon Publishing​​
  Book sales have been excellent and Reverend Lugo has become a recognized spiritual leader of the international Christian community.  As a result of social media networking, Pastor Lugo now has a tremendous following and is able to communicate with Christians around the world, sharing his unique story and ministry.
            The book describes the struggle of a young Louis Lugo to escape the projects, poverty, street gangs and prisons gangs of New York in the 1970’s through the 2000s.   Although the adult Louis Lugo was subsequently able to leave behind the brutal streets of New York, he was nevertheless unable to escape a continued life of violence and crime, influenced by motorcycle gangs, drug traffickers and hustlers.
            The final chapters of his biography recount the progress of Reverend Lugo’s transformation, his involvement with Ohio Martial Arts Ministries, his developing mission.  The book is also the love story of Louis and Regina Lugo, now married for more than thirty-four years, and their four children.  Sharing the biography of Pastor Louis Lugo would be entirely consistent with the mission of most Church Leaders are looking for. People would love to hear and see an “Inspirational Sermon”. He uses book signings to get the message from God out. I invite you to Book Reverend Louis Lugo, there is no charge for him to come to your church.
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